Beauty Is Not Only About Physical Appearance

Beauty is not born singly, but as a whole, a series or combination of several factors, whether physical, mental, financial, or spiritual. By interpreting this, beauty shouldn’t be seen from one side only.

Beauty is broadly a perception that gives rise to pleasure. If we continue to make pleasure as an external thing then (maybe) our beauty depends on what other people perceive us. If so, then beauty will emerge as a result of other people’s perceptions of us and not the perceptions that we emerge as a strong self-image.

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In fact, it is precisely with a strong self-image that we will be able to cause feelings of pleasure so that it eventually radiates outward / others. Therefore, we need to change the mindset that pleasure in ourselves is the first thing that must be sought.

Feeling happy about yourself can be done by accepting yourself as a whole with a realistic view of yourself and the potential possessed. That way, we will feel satisfied with ourselves, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. We also do not feel insecure if we have deficiencies, because acceptance of ourselves includes accepting our own shortcomings.

Beauty standards that do not humanize us as women, we should leave. Beauty shouldn’t torture. Beauty is about accepting ourselves completely. Beauty is about how we perceive ourselves.

Then, why care about the perceptions of other people or even foreign people? Beauty should be seen in a broader spectrum. Beauty does not have to be identified with white skin or a thin body. We have been created with perfect proportions, what we need to do is to try to be the best human beings based on each of our versions.