Unique Facts of Beauty

Here are six unique facts of unique beauty throughout the world that you can know about.

1. Kenya

In Kenya beauty is symbolized by the use of a large ring at the bottom of the lips. This is done since the age of 12 years. Over time the ring will be even greater.

2. Burma

Iron piled up in the neck of women in Burma signifies beauty. The iron over time will lengthen the neck which signifies the beauty of a woman.

3. Maori

Tattoos called by native New Zealanders with T? Moko is in the face. The tradition of puberty which signifies that women are growing up. And this tattoo is considered to add beauty.

4. India

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Piercing on the nose of women in India is also believed to add beauty.

5. Japan

The definition of beauty is on the eyelid. Japanese women believe that a woman’s beauty if she has large, rather deep eyelids.

6. Mauritania

In contrast to the definition of beauty with other countries, in Mauritania the definition of beauty is on a large body size in women.