What Is beauty or beautiful?

In simple terms, beauty or beautiful is something aesthetically pleasing. Beautiful or handsome face, tall and slender, with neat hair and fashionable style. Or there is also beauty or beautiful obtained from an ideal ratio between the left, right, and lower and upper faces of a person who is often called the Golden Ratio by the Greeks.

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In the history of the calculation of the Golden Ratio ie width and length have been considered to be the ideal standard value and of course pleasing to the eye.

Formerly the mathematical calculation was called “phi” which is a fragment of the name Phidias-Phidias or Pheidias who was a sculptor, painter and architect from Greece.

And before for a building structure, the most ideal structure was found at the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. And Phidias is the artistic director of the building.

Along with the times, phi calculations are still used to calculate and analyze the proportional shape of a person’s face. And through an “Attractiveness” study from a university in 2009 showed that physical beauty is based on the extent of the closeness of a person’s facial features that reflects the phi (golden ratio) of the proportion of their faces.

Quite complicated because there are at least 22 values ‚Äč‚Äčanalyzed. Starting from the long and wide lines of the eyebrows to the nose, the nose to the top of the lip line, then to the lips then to the chin and many more. Too complex? Indeed.

However, at least you know that in 2012 it was not Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, or Salma Hayek who was studied to have the most proportional face but Florence Colgate who was asked to be the “Most Perfect Face” in the United Kingdom.